Standardization, exchange and publication of measurement data of all kinds

Green Eye allows the creation of binary files that contain not only the measurement series but also information on the graphical representation. As a producer of a file you not only determine the content but also the form of the presentation of your measurement results. With the GED data, you also deliver the tool (Green Eye Reader) for displaying them. The Green Eye products thus offer a coordinated concept: The Green Eye Writer is used to record and convert measured data into the binary GED format, which is read out, visualized and passed on with the Green Eye Reader, or can be converted with the Green Eye Converter into the required data format.

Green Eye Reader

Green Eye Reader

Freeware for graphical representation of measurement data in the GED. Easy and quick way to visualize measurement data. Click through your data as through JPEG photos. Test the look and feel of the reader with Example data in GED format.

Download: Reader

Green Eye

Green Eye Writer

Preparation of measurement data and conversion to the GED format. Easy way to display and distribute aour measurement data. Create GED files and share them inside and outside your company/network along with the Freeware Green Eye Reader.

Download: Demo

Green Eye Reader

Green Eye Converter

Conversion of your measurement data into other file formats and back again. Advantage: Batch conversion and conversion of complete directory structures.

Download: Converter

Green Nodes


Green Nodes read and record data synchronously from remote measuring stations (power plants, offshore wind farms, etc.) and convert them into various formats. The data can be stored and stored on a local PC, in the network and in SQL databases.

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